Eagle Glove with 3-Finger Shield


Eagle Glove with 3-Finger Shield


The 3-Finger Shield consists of 2 layers covering the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers, and arm.

For longer combined Eagle Glove and Shield, please add $8.00 per inch.

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Standard Eagle Glove length is 21″ from tip of middle finger to the end of the cuff. This length bends around the elbow of most arms, to protect the lower bicep.

A heavy triple thickness glove with 3 layers on the thumb, index finger and the back of the middle finger, extending up the cuff to approximately the inner elbow.

The Eagle Glove is most comfortable when the cuff ends either about 4″ above or just below your elbow. Measure the length from the tip of your middle finger to the inside bend of your elbow and order a longer or shorter length if desired.

Shields are composed of a layer of heavy cowhide covered with a layer of goathide, except on the thumb, which has 2 layers of goathide to improve thumb flexibility.

Eagle Gloves are available in dark brown, black, and natural.

Price includes optional D-ring, tassel and “hybrid” hawk/falcon silhouette emblem on the glove cuff and eagle silhouette on the shield.


*Please note that the Eagle Glove should not be used without an Eagle Shield when handling eagles.


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